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Shipping and Handling

To save you money we ship all orders via United States Postal Service (Media Rate). For priority rates: phone us at 1 (800) 348-8232, or 208-628-3494 or 208-860-7067 or e-mail us at larry@elkwhisperer.com or larrywaynejones@gmail.com

Our S & H policy is economical and easy to understand. When you go through the checkout process simply click the number of ITEMS (INCLUDING FREE ITEMS) that you will receive and the shopping cart system will figure it for you.

Please remember... Free items are part of your shipped items.You pay a minimum of $3.00 for from one to three items shipped. You simply add $1.00 for each additional item shipped. For instance, you pay $8.00 for 8 items shipped, etc.

                                THAT'S SIMPLE AND VERY ECONOMICAL!