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                The Rest of the Story...

Ten years had past since Elvis first came to Larry's home. It had been nearly six years since they'd seen each other. It was March of 2002. Larry had been traveling around the country entertaining and telling his story about Elvis. Everyone thought Elvis had keeled over because of old age or a hunter had got him. But it turned out that everyone was wrong ... Elvis was alive and still Kick'n!




It was a splendid reunion! Larry and Elvis hung around in the mountains together all spring. Just like when they met years before Larry got inspiration for more songs: Still Kick'n became the title to a new song and the title to a third movie. Finally on May 18th of 2002 Elvis left Larry and went back to his summer domain in the high country. He was never seen again.

In the fall of 2002 Larry completed his VHS video movie trilogy: Rocky Mountain King, Elk Whisperer and Still Kick'n. The story had become legendary. Invitations to do programs and performances increased dramatically. 

In 2005 Larry converted his award-winning VHS video movie trilogy to DVD. He named it, The Legend of Elvis the Elk. In additon to the DVD disc he included a CD disc with two of his music albums on it (22 songs): You Gave Me a Song and When Love Comes By. 


He was the King of Castle Mountain,

His legend still lives on,

Hunters around embered fires,

 Listening to his rockin' song.


With the chill of fall in the air,

You can hear his rockin' tune,

Echoing through spruce and pine,

The King will be here soon,


He's singing about,

The legend of years gone by,

When a man showed him compassion,

And kept the king alive.


The king of Castle Mountain is gone,

But his legend lives on,

Hunters 'round embered fires,

Still listen to his rockin' song. . .