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Connecting the dots...

Aug 14, 2013

There's nothing in life that gives me more satisfaction than realizing that I have been part of a plan ordained from above. Jesus said: "I only do those things that I see my Father doing." Think about that. The Living God has programs that He desires that we enter into and participate in. My book, "The Challenge of His call," even though it is a hunting book, is all about being led by God. Yes, God calls - and we have the awesome prospect of responding. What's clear when you study Scripture is the fact that the call is distinct and individualized. That being the case it is a pity and a travesty to miss out on it.

When it dawned on me that connecting with Elvis and all that ensued was part of a personal call and commission, I flipped. I'll never forget the moment it happened. I was filming old Elvis and our beagle, Roxie, while they were posing for me. Roxie was standing broadside up on a log and Elvis was standing facing the same direction behind her. It was beautiful! They seemed to like each other.

At the time I had been trying to make sense of some deep disappointment and confusion that I'd been experiencing in my life. After going through a period of prayer and soul-searching about whether or not I should sell my Broker/Dealer business to apply for a pastorate position in our home church I decided to sell the business to my partner for pennies-on-the-dollar. When I got deeply involved in the hiring process for the pastorate position in the church it became apparent that I was not the man for the job. That was a hard pill to swallow. Suddenly I was jobless and without income. Deb was working at the school but her salary didn't begin to equal our indebtedness. Under that duress I decided to write the hunting book that I'd always wanted to write.

The chapters to the hunting book flowed nicely until I got right down to the end - then, of all things, I couldn't come up with a final chapter. The well of inspiration had gone dry. That's when the old bull elk that I later named Elvis came around looking for sustenance and started stealing hay from our horses. And that's when I started enjoying the experience of getting acquainted with him.

It was a long drawn-out process. Eventually he was comfortable enough having me around that he wouldn't run from me when he saw me out in the woods. Eventually he got to where he would lay down and relax whenever me and the dogs would come around.

But the day he stood there and posed with Roxie was something extra special. That's when I had a revelation of what the whole thing was about - and what I saw blew my mind. Out of nowhere I knew that God was orchestrating the rare connection between me and Elvis. I could see as clear as a bell that I was a player in a story that would touch hearts around the world. Suddenly life was worth living! The rest is history.